Try It Thursday #1: Aduki Date Brownies


Alright! So this is going to be a short post because I have struggled with literally all of my technology tonight to try and make this thing happen.

I even tried to make a video for all you lovely people, and couldn’t get it to work. So hopefully look forward to a video next week, and rumor has it there might even be a special guest! I would probably put a winky face here, but I don’t know the rules of blog winky face etiquette. I’ll research that too for next week.

So I discussed this idea of Try It Thursday in my very first blog, it was meant to be an opportunity for me to try new weird things and you all to laugh at my misfortune of choices. So let’s see how this one turned out.

First Question you might be wondering if you haven’t googled it already:

What the hell is an Aduki?

Aduki (or more commonly known as Adzuki) is a small, red bean primarily from Northeast Asia. It was interesting to find out that it’s most often used in sweeter dishes , sometimes even made into ice cream. Though the bean is not sweet itself, it’s often boiled with sugar and made into a paste. Doesn’t sound too bad right?


Upon opening the can, I had to look again to make sure I hadn’t accidentally opened a can of cat food. The smell that permeated my nostrils begged me to turn back now, there is danger ahead. But I persisted and continued on in my mission.

The second main ingredient were Medjool Dates.


Upon cutting them open to remove the pit, they looked questionable. Or at least what someone who is unfamiliar with dates would consider questionable. They seemed a little sketchy to me, but the internet told me it was okay to eat them so I proceeded. I was actually curious to taste test one, it was very sweet and almost caramel-ish. Yeah that’s a word now, don’t judge.

I was pleasantly surprised until I was reminded I had to mix it with Frisky’s dinner. Both of my cats had retreated to the safety of the farthest room in the house by this point.

This is the boring part, where I proceeded to add all the other ingredients, attempted to mix it together and bake them, and destroyed my kitchen in the process. All in the name of science and exploration!


I’ll include the recipe below if any of you daring souls would like to try them.

Finally, they were done…


So here’s the other super fun part about making these, I thought I had the right size pan and I was excited because my pan collection is very limited. But it turns out I didn’t, so I had really thin crumbly brownies. So here’s your life lesson for this post: use the right shit if you want things to turn out pretty.

Anyway, my selective OCD and I tried to cut the perfect square so I could take a decent picture to post on here, but after about 5 mins I was miraculously cured and this was the final result:


(Along with my trusty sidekicks)

Now came the time to put it in my mouth. As you can see, I was really thrilled about it.


I will note at this point, they did smell like actual brownies. I thought a magical brownie fairy had taken pity on me and snuck into my oven while I was busy…drinking wine…on the couch… and replaced them with real brownies.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

The Verdict: Dark, Bitter, and TOO F’ING HOT! Did you know that you’re supposed to let brownies cool before you put them in your mouth? It was like molten paste with a slight hint of chocolate flavor assaulted my mouth. I decided to wait and let them cool down a bit and I would try another bite so I could hopefully taste it assuming I hadn’t burnt all my taste buds off. Upon the second taste test, it wasn’t AS bad as I had originally thought. I think it could use a hell of a lot more chocolate, though that might defeat the purpose of it being healthy I suppose. Maybe just a few chocolate chips sprinkled into the batter, to make it a little less bitter and a little less bean-ish.

Now I’ve never tasted cat food personally, but I imagine it would be a lot worse. So there’s a positive note.


Recipe and Instructions-ish:

1 can of Aduki/Adzuki Beans

10 pitted and diced Medjool Dates

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/3 cup unsweetened Cocoa Powder

4 tbsp Olive Oil

2 Eggs

Put the beans and dates in a food processor until well combined. Mix together with all the other ingredients until you have smooth batter. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes.




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