Goodbye to Bad Habits


I want you to get a true feel for the sentiments in this post, so I have provided you with some background music. You will want to turn your speakers on before continuing and click play on the video below and then scroll on down.

Now that you’ve done that, you might be wondering what this post is about.

Well friend, it’s about getting rid of bad habits. But as most of you know it can truly be hard to say goodbye to things.

I decided to take this post to reminisce back on some of the fond memories my bad habits and I have shared and formally say goodbye to each one.

Read them as fast or as slow as you wish. No seriously, there is an hour of accompaniment for your reminiscing pleasure.

Without further ado, these, are my Goodbye Notes to my Bad Habits:

Goodbye to all the takeout food I picked up after spending more than an hour gathering all the ingredients to make my own food at the grocery store.


Goodbye to all the painful pulled muscles that saved me a total of 5 mins on my workout when I skipped out on stretching.


Goodbye to all the boxes of cheez-its I stuffed my face with mindlessly while watching the endless supply of cat videos the internet has to offer.


Goodbye to all the times I tested my alcohol tolerance beyond the tipping point, and all the times beer before liquor did indeed make me sicker.


Goodbye to all the snacking that never ended, because if you just keep putting shit in your mouth it counts as only one snack.


Goodbye to all the times I channeled superhero powers during a workout, only for my body to catch up at the end and remind me that I’m a mere mortal and I can’t do that shit.


Goodbye to all the midnight snacks, that were really more like 10pm snacks because I’m too old and boring to stay up until midnight anymore.


Goodbye to all the reality shows I hated and yet still marathoned instead of being a productive member of society.


Goodbye to the mornings that I chose coffee as my only nourishment and all the times my stomach tried to eat itself before lunch time.


Goodbye to all the times I said “I’ll work out tomorrow” but tomorrow never came.


Goodbye to all the times I discovered fresh produce that had met it’s demise in the crisper drawer of my fridge because I forgot about it.


Goodbye to always being everyone’s favorite person because I never said no.


Goodbye to all my attempts of getting the world record for fastest meal consumed while simultaneously operating a vehicle and solving math problems.


Goodbye to all the moments I deflected any personal responsibility in deciding food, activities, etc, in an effort to relieve myself of any liability for disappointment, thus allowing the other involved parties to be solely blamed for lack of deliciousness or fun.


Goodbye to all the girly push ups and to all the times I pretended to drink water for five minutes to avoid doing exercises I don’t like during circuits.


And most importantly…


Goodbye to all my feelings that tasted like pizza, cupcakes, and ice cream.


P.S. Watch for a follow up post tomorrow!

P.P.S. I’m leaving you all with some homework. Maybe some of my bad habits have made you think of your own bad habits. I’ve included a link to a survey below where you can fill out some goodbye notes of your own. It’s 100% anonymous, and I’ve included 5 places for you to write goodbye notes. You can of course take the survey again if you feel the desire to write some more. The reason, I would like y’alls responses will be revealed tomorrow. 🙂


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