Try It Thursday #4: Buffalo Cauliflower Bites + Updates!

Oh man where to even begin with this post, so much to say. Let’s start with this week’s try it thursday!


This week I took on the vegetable known as Cauliflower!

I’ve never really enjoyed cauliflower, it’s not as passionate as my hate for certain other things (cottage cheese, I’m looking at you) but it’s still not something I would find myself choosing. Let’s be honest here, before I started this journey there isn’t really a lot of veggies I would find myself choosing other than the occasional salad.

If you haven’t been on the internet in the past year or so, I’m about to let you in on a little insight…

Cauliflower is EVERYWHERE.

People have found ways to replace just about anything with it these days. Breads, pizza crust, bagels, rice, potatoes, tortilla chips, pasta, steak, chicken, muffins, your need for human affection. ANYTHING.

Just a quick search on google or pinterest will net you thousands upon thousands of results for your new low carb cauli-diet plan. It’s all the rage!

I have to admit things like this make skeptical. Skeptical because I was lied to once by the internet that spaghetti squash would make me not miss pasta. Much to my dismay, I found that to be complete and utter bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, spaghetti squash isn’t bad, but it’s not anything like pasta. Sure it looks like pasta, but it doesn’t taste anything like it or even have the right consistency.

So on my never ending quest for new veggie recipes as seems to be my theme lately, there was no way I wasn’t going to come across cauliflower this and cauliflower that. Some of them peaked my interest, but not enough to make me immediately want to run out and buy it. That was until I found a recipe for buffalo cauliflower bites.

“The new buffalo wings!” That’s what the recipe boasted, and me being a lover of chicken wings found it hard to not at least look at what this recipe was promising. I looked through it and it seemed simple enough, so I added it to my list to make for this week.

Of course after the spaghetti squash incident I knew I needed to prepare myself, I needed to remember that it wasn’t going to be exactly like chicken wings and to try to appreciate the flavor and texture as something new instead of trying to replace the old. But nothing would prepare me for what actually ended up happening when I popped one of these suckers into my mouth…




A special thanks to Ariana for showing the progression of my face as I chewed the pseudo wing.

It looked like chicken…but it also felt like chicken…my mouth was not ready…my mouth did not understand…

I felt my body’s confusion as it tried to decide if it had just been poisoned.

After I recovered from my shock, I realized I hadn’t actually paid much attention to the taste. At this moment I knew I had to try a second bite, only this time I was ready. This time I was actually impressed, it was definitely different, but it tasted good.

One of my favorite things to do with boneless wings is eat them in a wrap. So I decided to try it with the cauliflower (pictured above), this was actually really good. Definitely something I could see becoming a reoccurring meal in my meal plans.

Much impressed cauli-people, much impressed.

Recipe for the buffalo cauliflower bites below, the wrap I made was just a tortilla, lettuce, and cheese. I like to keep things simple, but I’m sure there’s plenty of room for creativity out there.

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s move onto the other things going on in my life.

First order of business, is I have decided in an effort to really clean up my diet I will be basing my meal plans off a predominantly Vegan diet for the next month starting Monday. While understandably this may be difficult, it will give me the push I need to really get creative and start understanding what my body needs and how to get it by other means than meat and dairy products. What I mean by predominantly is that I will allow myself to have no more than one meal a day that includes meat or dairy products.

I know for a fact my body does not get along with dairy products especially in the amounts I sometimes consume (damn you cheese), and yet I ignore it and continue to eat anyway. I think my body could really benefit from slashing it drastically in my diet. The reason for cutting out meat is that we, as americans, consume an absurd amount of meat. More than is healthy for the body, we consume it at pretty much every meal. By forcing myself to find alternative sources of protein besides meat (and yes they do exist, do your research), I am creating a more sustainable diet that’s not only better for me but better for the world we live in. ūüôā

I know eggs are not technically vegan, and I have honestly egged myself out lately, but I am considering keeping these in my diet. I know, I know I said I’m starting Monday, shh I still have two days to decide.

There are also ethical reasons why I’m making this transition, but I’m not here to preach at you about that. I promise I won’t turn into one of those people in the future either.

I am sure some¬†of you have diet ideas and goals that you have been toying with trying. Maybe not as drastic as mine, and that’s okay you got to do what’s right for you. But I encourage you to get brave and try them, you can follow along with me for the month, or you can try it for a week. Just be smart about the choices you make and do your research.

In other news I signed up for Bolder Boulder! It’s a 10k race in Boulder, Colorado on May 30th this year which will be the longest race I’ve ever participated in. My plan to train for this is to actually train for a half marathon that I would like to complete in the later part of the summer/early part of fall, I haven’t actually picked one out yet, but I will soon! But I plan on being at the comfortable point with 6 miles (10k) by the time Bolder Boulder rolls around. I am super stoked for this!

Also as some of you may know I recently joined a new gym, the motivation for this was actually a dear friend that reconnected with me after a few years and let’s be real we could all use a workout and accountability buddy. So I’m super excited for that!

But upon discussing my options for joining the gym the topic of personal training came up. They actually had a deal going on that if I purchased 12 sessions of personal training I got a deal on them plus no fees and a lower monthly payment. And I decided to jump with both feet in.

I’ve always had hang ups on personal training. I think part of this stems from my stubbornness and determination to be independent and figure things out for myself. I have always had this feeling that if someone had to help me then how would I be able to do it on my own after, it’s not like they would be around forever. This mindset is so dumb, but it’s something that’s always bothered me.

The other part of this is, is that while I finally managed to admit that I had a problem, there were some things I didn’t want to admit. Because I was ashamed. I was ashamed of how badly I had taken care of my body. I didn’t want to have someone know how bad it had really gotten, I wanted to just keep those things locked in the closet or swept under the rug.

I think by having both these mindsets I really didn’t set myself up for the success I could have had the first time. It’s easy to tell people oh I’ve lost this much weight, or this many inches, or this much body fat. But how much do these numbers really mean when you don’t have any context? I think for me I’ve always had this idea of a starting point and an ending point, and the journey in between didn’t have a whole lot of context. When I did all of this before, all I had was my current weight and my goal weight. Sure I weighed myself week to week and watched the number on the scale fluctuate, but it didn’t really mean anything till it reached the number I wanted to see.

So today I had my first meeting with my personal trainer, we did an assessment and then a short workout and talked about my goals. My trainer took all this information down about my body and then handed me the piece of paper so I could look at it. This was the moment that I had always expected to fill me with pure dread…but it didn’t. It was in all honesty freeing. Here was this person in front of me who is in peak physical condition, and he has now seen all these dirty secrets I kept to myself and had been ashamed of, and he wasn’t repulsed by me. He didn’t see me as a disgusting person incapable of taking care her body, in that moment the feeling was here is what you have to work with now let’s get you where you want to go.

When I say I’m all in, I really mean all in. And a part of that I have realized is not being ashamed of the body and the stats I have right now. Even for as unhealthy as my body may currently be, it is still capable of amazing things. It has done amazing things, as some of you may know I hiked my first 14er last summer and I chose Pikes Peak to be my first. Poor choice, it was brutal, but I still did it. I’ll be telling the story of hiking Pikes Peak for this week’s “Sunday Story Time” as I’ve dubbed it, it may not be every week but it will hopefully give me a chance to break away from always talking about my lifestyle changes and the weird shit I put in my mouth every week.

Now back to gym time for an important message.

You know people find motivation in the strangest things, today I found it in a gorgeous face and perfectly chiseled body. Girl moment here…my personal trainer is H-O-T, HOT. In the past, I would awkwardly¬†admire someone of his attractiveness level from afar, if the opportunity to talk to them happened to come up I would run as fast as I could in the other direction and hide.

Today none of that mattered, in fact the needle on my confidence (more like cockiness) meter went up instead of down when it sensed the nearby danger. I answered his questions cool, calm, and collected like I was giving an overly candid interview and I knew I was perfect for the job. I was determined that his royal hotness would like my answers despite the nature of the questions that I was answering, which included a 10 question assessment to see if you’re healthy enough to start a strenuous exercise program filled with the typical questions about your heart health and blood pressure.

Given my current predicament of attraction, I laughed entirely too hard when he asked me if I was pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant anytime soon. My response of “No, wasn’t planning on it” just further indicated my inability to act appropriately in that moment. (Sorry mom)

After we laughed our way through the rest of the assessment and got measurements I took a “Fit Test,” it is a short little test they administer and then plug the results into an equation that spits out a number that supposedly measures how fit you are.

First up on the test was a pull-up. Y’all, I haven’t down a pull up since elementary school when they made us take those ridiculous tests I can’t even remember what they were called. Pull ups are fairly easy when you weigh all of 60-80 pounds and you’re young and full of energy. Turns out instead of actually having to do pull-ups, you just have to hang there in a pull up position for as long as you can. Naturally my trainer made it look like the easiest f’ing thing in the world. When I got up there ready to go, I wasn’t even sure my fingers were strong enough and I begged them not to drop me as I gripped onto the bar. The timer started and I pulled my body up, at first I was amazed I wasn’t in a crumpled pile on the floor, it seemed almost effortless. Then I felt my arms catch up to what was happening, I plastered a cool determined look on my face and let my real feelings go to war inside my head. I hung on to that bar for dear life until my arms were shaking and threatening to drop me any second, I finally let myself down content that I was able to do something I didn’t think I could even do for a second. I look forward to working up my time on this and one day being able to do a full pull up.

Push ups were next, and it was a dismal defeat. I’m not beating myself up though, for someone who has essentially no arm strength what so ever I probably used all of the tiny bit I pulled out of thin air on the pull up. Followed by squats and crunches, I was grateful for the guidance on form as some things needed to be corrected. Then came the bench steps as they call them, essentially an up up down down motion for 3 mins so they can test your recovery heart rate at the end of it. He showed me how to pace myself and I went to work, I wasn’t real sure how I was going to do but it was actually easier than I thought. His encouraging comments of “That’s it!” and “Nice work!” made me go “Oh you like that?” and I added a little dance to my already ridiculous motions and I also gained a new momentum, a new momentum that made me launch myself on the first up and then biff it off the stair instead. Ah that missed floor crumple moment finally presented itself, of course I jumped back up and continued on. But it provided a good laugh for both of us, not that we needed it, we had been laughing on and off at little things the whole time.

Overall my first personal training experience was incredibly rewarding, and I feel excited to continue on with it. I will be working with my personal trainer 3 times a week and we created an entire workout plan for the month and scheduled this upcoming week’s appointments. I’m grateful for the guidance I am receiving and I’m grateful that we mesh well, it feels like I have a buddy instead of a drill sergeant, which was admittedly another fear of mine.

Again, it doesn’t hurt that he’s hot either, and I mean motivation is motivation. Now if I could just stop staring at his butt and pay attention when he’s showing me things…

Oh lawdy, pray for me y’all.


I’m sorry this week got off track…again, and I’m sorry this post was so lengthy. To be fair I did warn you I had a lot to say.

Also I’m sorry your personal trainer isn’t as hot as mine.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites
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Buffalo Cauliflower Bites
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  1. Preheat oven to 450¬įF
  2. Combine flour, water, garlic powder, and salt until smooth.
  3. Coat cauliflower in the batter, place on lightly greased baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes tossing halfway through.
  4. Combine melted butter and hot sauce. Coat cauliflower in sauce and place back on the baking sheet. Cook for 25 minutes or until it becomes crispy.
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